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Motivated by her love of Portugal’s heritage, Sancha Trindade has worked in the content industry for over twenty years. Born and raised surrounded by antiques and old booksellers, her father discovered the first printed book in Portugal and because of this, she has always viewed heritage and authenticity with great respect and responsibility.

As a Portugal excellence curator, Sancha hand picks the greatness of Portugal, with her chronicles and articles published by Expresso magazine, Público Fugas magazine, GQ Portugal, GQ Brazil, Vogue Online, Fora de Série magazine, Económico, Lisbon Tourism Magazine, Condé Nast Traveler and Vanity Fair.

After several years as a TV Host, Author and Producer with her own TV Show, and after a professional stint at Forbes Global Properties, as Head of Communication and Real estate Consultant, Sancha.Co is now her umbrella site for distinct areas of interest in the spheres of Content, Exclusive Experiences and Investments in Portugal.


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